The Artist Explains: Hendrix - 'Be Someone'

We talk to composer and performer Hendrix about his captivating music video for ‘Be Someone’ which is the fourth instalment in his animated video concept series.

Why did you choose to create an animated video series?
There are a couple of reasons why I chose animation as the medium for the video series which ‘Be Someone’ is a part of. First is a bit obvious which is cost and time.
Second is you're able to control the emotion of the material a little bit easier with animation. We're trying to tell a story on a budget and with animation, the material can stay closer to the intent...

How do the music videos connect to the songs?

The songs connect to the videos through the emotion of the song. I didn't want the music to be verbatim of the story. My hope was that the emotion conveyed in the animation/story segment matched the emotion emulating from the music/vocals/lyrics.

Do you have any behind the scenes stories you can share with us?
There aren't too many "behind the scenes" stories I can share. For the most part, I'm doing the music myself and Juan Guillermo Cano from WTH Studios providing the animation. I do bring various artists that add to the musical element...especially, since I'm not a singer. Maybe, the one tid bit of info is that the original intent of the videos was not to be a series. I was looking for someone to help create a video for the first single, 'Dreams Fade’ and found Juan through an online agency. I explained the emotion and drive of the song and he ran with it. I was so impressed by it and felt we could create a video series with about 8 songs. We're halfway there!
Juan had created the original concept with 'Dreams Fade' and moving forward I wanted to expand on this concept using the same character. As each song was brought up, I would share the emotion of the song and an idea or two on the direction of the video. With that information, Juan then creates from his own ideas. I have not recommended any changes when he sends the final version to me. I'm very happy where this has gone.

Is there a message the animated video series is trying to convey?
There is an overall message that's not ready to be revealed yet. I'm hoping everyone that is following along is taking in each segment/video and is trying to 'feel' the message and feel the emotion. I'm hoping in the last episode, the journey will make sense and the audience will their resolve.

Interview by Karla Harris