Annika Grace - 'The Chase'

California-based singer-songwriter and poet Annika Grace explores the negatives of a relationship that thrives on the excitement of ‘The Chase’ on her volatile new pop track.

Annika Grace
keeps the production simple yet effect on her new dark pop cut, ‘The Chase’. ‘The Chase’ shows off an eerie, sometimes unnerving soundscape of plucky, textures, warped synth, crisp beats and Annika’s soulful haunting vocal as the song explores a predator vs prey dynamic of the narrator’s own doing. There are feelings of discomfort in the song’s lyrical theme that is supported by the sense of danger and allure that is reflected in the song’s sonic elements.

’The Chase’ is a song portraying a dynamic that is both intoxicating and unhealthy as Annika Grace explains, “a lot of people tend to like the chase when it comes to relationships. I know I do, and the boy I fell in love with did as well, which was a recipe for disaster in the end, considering the fact we both were chasing each other. A little chase can be harmless, but if it controls your relationship, and you feed off of the drama, it becomes an unhealthy obsession, and relationship as a whole”.

Despite the song capturing a dynamic where things have gotten out of control, Annika still confidently sings, “I don’t know about you, but I like the chase” but this is in reference to the drama free, harmless chase of first getting to know someone and falling for them. Here, Annika Grace provides a tantalising and toxic snapshot into the murky side of infatuation and game playing in a relationship.

Words of Karla Harris