BARRIE - 'Clovers'


Barrie have released the lead single from their upcoming debut album ‘Happy To Be Here’. If you’re looking for a little slice of dreamy-pop, ‘Clovers’ will be right up your street.

We’ve all been there – it’s the end of the night and you’ve gone back to someone’s flat in need of winding-down time but nobody can agree on a playlist, so at different points you all get up and put your obscurities on in the best attempt not to disrupt the hazy social interactions. Well, Barrie are one of those bands whose music fits perfectly in those moments. It is quite a fitting scenario to place their music in, as the band came together from all corners of the world and recruited bassist Sabine Holler via Tinder. It is all terribly unconventional and their sound is rather experimental in the sense that whilst most of the song-writing comes from vocalist/guitarist Barrie Lindsay, they all bring different influences to the song and settle on the finished project, together.

‘Clovers’ is laced with gentle breathy vocals and a synth-drenched atmosphere that dances amidst a persistent piano riff, making you wonder whether you’re listening to a re-imagining of a disco track or a chill-pop number. There are elements of shoegaze and soul, which make it easy to find yourself getting lost in the hypnotism of the chorus. As much as I enjoy listening to lyrics and trying to decipher their meaning, the subtle undetectability of Barrie’s makes for more concentrated listening. There is a lot of light that emanates from the mind of Barrie – I think that it will be distinctly interesting to see how this transpires across a full body of work, with guitarist/synth player Noah and keyboard player Spurge being involved in the production process. 

‘Happy To Be Here’ will be released on 3rd May via Winspear.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly