EP Review: Isabelle Brown - 'O3'


One of the hottest releases of the year has just dropped. Isabelle Brown is still in the early part of her teenage years but with her old soul vibes – and a strong sense of self to go with it – you’d be quick to mistake her for an industry veteran.

‘03’ is the follow up to Isabelle’s debut mixtape ‘Only Having a Laugh’ which, whilst still having a youthful effervescent that lingers throughout the songs: it was definitely hard to believe that they were written by someone at the age of 12. With three more years of experience under her belt, you can see a clear line of progression within Isabelle’s sound. ‘Places’ and ‘What U Waiting For’ are shimmering takes on neo-soul with the former containing gospel-style backing vocals that are the perfect accompaniment to Isabelle’s smoky voice and the latter on the funkier side of things.

‘Colour in the World’ showcases the simplicity and effortlessness that is key to Isabelle’s style. At no point does she seem to struggle vocally, or push herself too far – instead there is a languidness that makes this the perfect music to chill out to. To close the EP is a beautifully tinkering piano ballad drenched in solemnity, aptly named ‘Outro’. Rather than create a body of work that is full of energetic, feel good songs; Isabelle has shown that there are many sides to her, and this is only the beginning.

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly