St Buryan - 'Giving In'


The new era of St Buryan has started off with a bang, with their newest single ‘Giving In’.

The five-piece from Newcastle and Sunderland have built a reputation in their native North East as one of the most influential, liked, but also underrated outfits in the scene. ‘Giving In’ is the first of three releases on their new label, Sound-Hub Records, one of the only exciting advancements this year having just announced their biggest headline shows to date at Think Tank?.

St Buryan are certainly not as forthcoming with releasing music, having only released one single since the back end of 2017 before ‘Giving In’. But when they do, you can guarantee it’ll be one of quality, ‘Giving In’ certainly continues that streak.

The track is certainly a lot heavier than their previous releases, but it packs the perfect punch of pop punk and indie rock. Right from the opening riff you are hooked in, with the lead vocals bringing comparisons to that of Panic! At The Disco. Despite the heavier tone, their stamp is prominent and the change in sound sets out a new, exciting direction for St Buryan.

‘Giving In’ is now available on all major streaming platforms. St Buryan will play Think Tank?, Newcastle on April 27th.

Words by Danial Kennedy