Peter and Kerry - 'They Know God (But I Know You)'

Peter and Kerry follow up their mellow single ‘Cold Hugs’ with elegant new offering ‘They Know God (But I Know You)’.

One of my favourite things about Peter and Kerry is their versatility. Whether they’re channeling a minimalist, electronic driven sound like ‘Cold Hugs’ or taking a more dreamy, organic, classical/ folk infused direction like on ‘They Know God (But I Know You)’, Peter and Kerry know their way around affecting textures to compliment their beautiful lyrical themes and impressive vocals perfectly.

There’s a reverence to ‘They Know God (But I Know You)’ that weaves through the more surreal textures in the song, allowing their listener to feel fully immersed in reverie while feeling balanced, grounded and connected. This is a tender song that celebrates close relationships that mutually offer strength, support and belief in one other. This is the perfect track to show someone special in your life that you value them.

of Karla Harris

Self-produced and self-financed in their south London studios, and released through Ferocious/ Kobalt label services, ‘They Know God (But I Know You)’ is out now!