Lycio - 'Young Ties'

Lycio put mental health under the microscope on their new cut of exceptionally crafted alt pop.

Lycio’s music has always been concerned with sonically creating diverse and interesting aesthetics without losing thematic substance. ‘Young Ties’ taps into ambient and ethereal influences to stutter, swagger and swell through pulsating synth textures, ambient piano and slick drum arrangements, advancing and retreating alongside the changing tone and power behind Genie Mendez’s vocal. A vocal which can range from rich, soulful and chilled to an impassioned hurricane of raw emotion when you least expect it to.

’Young Ties’ is a turbulent song but the production is measured as opposed to chaotic and serves as a huge pushback at the controlling nature of mental health issues. While there’s a dark, otherworldliness that runs through the song, there’s glimpses of serenity and light as the track goes through the conflicted emotions of living with mental health issues and trying to understand what goes on in our own heads, the good, the bad and the ugly.

This is a band who are talking about things that matter, while being consistent in creating explorative songs that capture multiple moods and atmospheres yet still remaining warm, balanced and inviting. This is the perfect rush of fiery, ambient, emotion to help keep the winter chills at bay.

Words of Karla Harris