Album Review: Queen Zee - 'Queen Zee'

Photo Credit - Mark McNulty

Photo Credit - Mark McNulty

In 2018 Liverpool legends-in-the-making, Queen Zee garnered praise from artists such as Iggy Pop and Liam Gallagher despite their debut album not arriving until the following February. A brief look at the band will tell you exactly why this happened. Their DIY ethos, their unbridled passion, tongue in cheek humour and stellar tracks are likely a large part of this but what can’t go unsaid is how important this band is. Their position within the LGBTQ community and approach to various social 

issues make them one of those bands that are so sorely needed. Members of their cult following will not be disappointed by the raucous rock found on their self titled debut when February 8th comes around. The ten track release takes you on a trip through the wonderful world of Queen Zee full of sardonic commentary and beautifully bizarre sounds. Tracks like "Sissy Fists" and "Victim Age" deliver snarling, delightfully noisy rock bangers true to the bands reputation. The record doesn’t do much in the way of letting up, with the exception of the brief but intriguing "Anxiety", but it doesn’t need to. Each track spins in a different direction with a variety of sounds and influences thrown into the pot to make one of the most exciting records to come this reviewers way in a while. 

On this record, Queen Zee have taken glam rock, punk rock and a whole host of everything else and made a record imbued with identity and power. With music of this quality and such an captivating style there's no way you can ignore them and you certainly shouldn't try. A top class record from a band you expect to hear even more about from here on out! 

Words by Nathan Blackstone