Rory and the Reverie - 'Old Friend'

Rory and the Reverie.jpg

British singer-songwriter Rory and the Reverie releases ‘Old Friend’ a tenderly crafted tribute to the grandfather he never got to meet.

Having spent the past five years writing and recording songs solely for himself in his bedroom, Rory and the Reverie (Rory Duffy) has decided to make himself visible by uploading his three-track self-titled debut EP to Soundcloud. Rory and the Reverie’s sound is no frills, and intentionally intimate. Rory knows that less can sometimes be so much more effective, and his EP explores the poignant themes of family, relationships and the reluctance of becoming an adult.

Sonically, ‘Old Friend’ is a thoughtfully crafted, stripped back track featuring gorgeous acoustic finger picking, atmospheric Stratocaster twangs and an upbeat vocal melody that soothes its listener like a light summer breeze. Humble and heartfelt, Rory and the Reverie has also received backing from BBC Introducing who have made ‘Old Friend’ their Track of the Week on BBC Tees. A very optimistic start to a project that has previously existed in the shadows.

Words of Karla Harris