Lauren Ruth Ward - 'Pullstring

Lauren Ruth Ward’s ‘Pullstring’ offers a laid-back look into letting go of being defined by other people’s negative opinions of you.

Channeling a similar sound to her self-titled 2016 album, ‘Pullstring’ makes use of woozy, relaxed instrumentation, adding a blissful, vintage folk backdrop to her raw, emotionally drenched vocal. With its subtle psych touches and warm atmosphere, ‘Pullstring’ channels an air of sophisticated, bluesy romanticism, but this tenderness is directed at embracing a healthy sense of self-love as Lauren Ruth Ward explains:

No matter how thoughtful or good my intentions are, everyone sees they want to see. Ignoring the voices that see me in a negative light and focusing on the individuals who see me as I intend is something I reteach myself daily”.

Whether she is releasing upbeat bluesy psych-infused rock, or stripping things back to a mellower, slower sound, Lauren Ruth Ward’s ethos and execution is equally as powerful. This is the perfect song to set the scene for Spring with its balmy, hazy tones and thematic determination to continue to grow in a nurturing environment, saying goodbye to harsher conditions.

Words of Karla Harris