On Video - 'Ghee'


A band to make you go ‘gheeeee’!

If you can imagine The Beach Boys on speed, that’s what On Video sound like. They coolly combine the ferocious angst and energy of garage punk with classic pop sensibilities, much like The Ramones.

A high note riff kicks the song off and bleeds through the speakers like a siren warning you of the euphoric chaos that will ensue. Underneath lies a cool surf-style low note riff that brings FIDLAR to mind. ‘Ghee’ then launches into a power chord riff that will get anybody dancing. There’s a short and sweet solo in the middle and breaks down back to the first riff before launching into a Dave Grohl style scream.  

‘Ghee’ is about drinking, referencing Bukowski in the first verse, and wondering how to navigate yourself through life, with the hook asking: “Where am I?”. ‘Ghee’ sounds like On Video are the East London punk band dreaming of surfin’ USA. Brilliant. 

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst