Video Premiere: Leo Cosmos - 'Take My Chances'

LeoCosmos-41 (1) (1).jpg

Leo Cosmos has just released his debut track ‘Take My Chances’, which has a soul-pop smooth dance floor groove. He took a moment to talk to us about the visual to the track and provide us with an exclusive look at the video.

Where was the video recorded?
The video was recorded at Block 47 Studio based in Leeds that is actually really close to where I live. It’s a great environment run by independent photographers who make the space affordable to anyone. The whole video was shot in one day. Filmed and edited by Jonathan Umpleby of Nina Film and Tight Lines. I have worked closely with my friend Jonathan closely in Tight Lines, which is a jazz collective/label, based in Leeds so working with him was a pleasure. I got friends who recorded on the track to feature in it and believe the video captures the happy vibe we all had on that day.

Where does the ideas behind it come from? 
The inners work as song usually has a deeper/personal meaning to the artist than what can be perceived in a track, which is definitely the case for this song. ‘Leo Cosmos’ is a change in the complete direction from my previous Jazz Fusion project ‘DULAHLI’. I was looking at the style of music I listened to and enjoyed the most and I was wondering why I wasn’t making music like it.Any behind the scenes stories?

Well we had the song itself playing off Soundcloud but it wasn’t on loop for whatever reason so another random indie song kept coming on afterwards. This became very irritating after a while but the ‘Take My Chances’ didn’t which is a good sign. Oh and the bassist Freddie forgot to bring his bass!

How does the video link with the track? 
For the video we wasn’t looking break new ground but serve as a introduction to the alias of ‘Leo Cosmos’. When I was producing this track I was hoping the listener would achieve the same amount of happiness I do when hear a timeless pop song. The song serves as a simple reminder to choose love/happiness over fear/hate so we wanted to keep the music video simple. In the editing process, Jonathan and myself were definitely on the same wavelength. The aesthetic in his editing which he achieved was great and reminds me of Wes Andersons work.