Molly Moore - 'Vibes' feat Keenan

Molly Moore.JPG

Molly Moore release a holistic cut of experimental R&B on new single, ‘Vibes’ feat Keenan.

Molly Moore
takes a chill approach to R&B on her new track, ‘Vibes’ encompassing a laid-back elemental feel to the song, notably making use of bubbling aquatic textures, which allows the song to feel organic and spiritual. There are also elements of woozy surrealism noticeable in the song as ‘Vibes’ explores subtle psychedelic tones to accompany Molly Moore’s, smooth, hazy vocal on a journey of her inner psyche.

Molly Moore explains that ‘Vibes’ is a song about overthinking and “getting swept up in something that isn’t real” and the sonically the track creates mirages that reflects the lyrical theme. Keenan’s rhymes add a concrete element to the song that juxtaposes some of the more floaty, hazy elements, seeing ‘Vibes’ become a beautifully multi-faceted listening experience to kick back to.

Words of Karla Harris