WILD - 'It Only Gets Better'

WILD exude positivity on feel-good indie-folk-pop single ‘It Only Gets Better’.

I’m generally not that much of a fan of feel-good or upbeat indie folk pop, there’s something in the formula that is too largely too sweet for me . ’It Only Gets Better’ makes use of so many formulas I spend most days telling people I don’t like; rousing harmonies, snappy/clappy elements of percussion, whistling; it’s got everything going on to be a perfect example of a song I would not usually like.

But WILD are wily. They take all of the elements in music that are generally a turn-off for me and keep making songs that I really REALLY like. One reason why I seem to enjoy this band so much is because despite the joy and uplifting tones in their songs, the band do not shy away from admitting life isn’t shiny and perfect. WILD know life isn’t always easy and that it’s ok to not have all the answers, but it’s important to stay optimistic as the band explains:

“‘It Only Gets Better ‘is knowing that even when you feel like everything is hopeless, it only gets better. So if you’re feeling stuck or lost or just don’t know what you’re feeling, know that you’re not alone."

’It Only Gets Better’ is a huge burst of light and loveliness that compels even the hardest of hearts to let loose, remain hopeful and learn to love change.

Words of Karla Harris