Sleeping Lion - 'How We Know' (Stripped)

Indie-electronic duo Sleeping Lion replace the electronics with life-affirming textures on their stripped version of ‘How We Know’ (feat. Cass Miller).

Sleeping Lion have reimagined their single ‘How We Know’ trading in the chill electronic beats for a mellow piano melody which is an equally lovely accompaniment to Cass Miller and Sleeping Lion’s gorgeous vocals. This stripped version really changes the tone of the song, accentuating an earthy almost indie folk twist to the song that highlights Sleeping Lion’s fondness for exploring their diverse influences.

My favourite part of the track is the glorious string section, which provides an ethereal and organic element to the song that feels really nourishing and liberating, juxtaposing some of the melancholy and conflicted emotions in the lyrical theme. Long live Sleeping Lion reworking their own tracks!

Words of Karla Harris