All Things Blue - 'Doomed To Lose'

LA band All Things Blue feel ‘Doomed To Lose’ in their genre bending new single, but take it all in their stride!

All Things Blue are not polished and perfect, but this is one of many aspects of their ethos that makes them ridiculously charming. This is a band who do not conform to any particular genre other than broadly “alternative’.

Citing influences from lo-fi and psychedelic rock to alternative, hip-hop, R&B and folk and then some! ‘Doomed To Lose’ is a peculiar little number where India Coombs washed out vocal is never overshadowed by the quirky production. This shows that All Things Blue are a band who are equally attentive towards delivering songs with a strong narrative, as well as concerned with exploring experimental and non-conformist sonic textures.

By not sticking to a particular formula, All Things Blue allow their music a huge air of unpredictability which makes for a very joyful listening experience. ‘Doomed To Lose’ is the title track from the band’s new EP which shows off 6 fascinating, eclectic songs , each wearing an individual personality and the EP can be streamed on Spotify, here.

Words of Karla Harris