Beverly Kills - 'Revellers'

Gothenburg indie outfit Beverly Kills  infectious new single ‘Revellers’ is an accelerated look into the self-destructive nature of the human condition.

Energetic, urgent, and emotionally charged, Beverly Kills waste no time in drawing their listener into ‘Revellers’, only taking a short breather around the 46 seconds mark to kick back a little with a gorgeous instrumental interlude. ‘Revellers’ is a dreamy song that makes use of swirling indie pop, post punk and shoegaze influences courtesy of band members Viggo Mattson, Hampus Höggren and John Jonsén.

The instrumentation provides a warm and melodic sonic backdrop to contrast lead singer Alma Westerlund’s melancholic, yet captivating vocal as the song’s narrative takes on a twisted and achingly bleak picture. Thematically, the song depicts “a potential world where we’ve killed off everything and everyone just to satisfy our need to see death and chaos”. The cost of this emphasised in the lyrics, “until there’s nothing left to kill but ourselves”. This is a theme band member John came up with after reading increasing reports of the ‘Bystander Effect’ in Sweden.

For me, what is most impressive about ‘Revellers’ is that the song is just as thoughtfully and emotively crafted in all aspects of its conception. While Alma’s vocal is magnetic, and the lyrics are very poignant, the vocal free parts of the song are equally as commanding of attention, showing the band’s prowess for deeply affecting soundscapes. Give ‘Revellers’ a listen below and don’t be too surprised if Beverly Kills become your new favourite band out of Sweden.

Words of Karla Harris

‘Revellers’ is taken from the band’s upcoming debut physical release ‘In This Dim Light/Melodrama’  which will be available on limited edition 7” vinyl throughAustralian Indie label Hell Beach.