LeyeT - 'Work It Out'

Los Angeles-based artist and songwriter, LeyeT finds a way of accepting the demise of a relationship on mature indie pop song, ‘Work It Out’.

’Work It Out’ is a really special song, seeing LeyeT (pronounced Light) approach the end of a relationship with acceptance and dignity. Sonically the track is contemporary and accessible but it is a song awash with emotional depth in its textures as well as in LeyeT’s vocal delivery. But LeyeT executes this without wallowing or coming across as angsty which makes it even easier to relate.

The truth is, it’s very easy to connect with LeyeT’s compelling vocal, which doesn’t imitate or instantly call to mind any other contemporaries within the indie pop/ alternative pop genres and instantly tugged on my heart strings. While the production on ‘Work It Out’ is polished and impressive, seeing ethereal Imogen Heap-esque influences sneak in towards the end of the track, nothing is overdone here and the restrained approach makes the song feel even more authentic.

’Work It Out’ is taken from LeyeT’s stirring debut EP, ‘Thoughts’ which exhibits a huge amount of strength and beauty through its lyrical and vocal vulnerability, and marries contemporary electronic sounds with LeyeT’s background in guitar songwriter, creating a lovely blend of organic and synth elements. I’m really glad LeyeT is on my radar, and if you’re reading this as someone new to her sound, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Words of Karla Harris