Kailee Morgue - 'Headcase' feat. Hayley Kiyoko

Kailee Morgue.png

Kailee Morgue teams up with Hayley Kiyoko on queer pop power anthem, ‘Headcase’.

Having had an unbelievable breakthrough year in 2018, 2019 seems like it is set to be even bigger. Collaborating with Hayley Kiyoko, Kailee Morgue’s new track, ‘Headcase’, is one wrought with Kailee’s signature sound of gothic pop. Interesting information to know about Kailee Morgue’s new track, ‘Headcase’, is her personal story. Kailee “came out to her family, embraced her bipolar disorder, tattooed her face and even cut her multicoloured locks.” That’s one hell of a lot of new experiences and her new music reflects a “process of beginning to finally understand myself”. 

Refining her sound, Kailee has taken on more influences from the music that she listens to, such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Prince. This track has a kind of 2000s cinematic style to it, similar to something you could find on the Suicide Squad soundtrack. On her bipolar disorder, Kailee says that she is “always trying to find ways to communicate the struggle through music” and to bring empowerment to those listening and also struggling. 

The collaboration with Hayley Kiyoko is something that is definitely going to be bringing lots of fans to Kailee Morgue’s music. Hayley said she “connected with the song right way” as she was “in a dark place of figuring out [her] own mental health”. The artists’ voices complement each other very well as they have very similar tones.  Kailee has a lot of experiences to bring into her music and it is exciting to see where the young artist will take her sound and lyrics next. 

Words of Max Herridge