re:tract - 'Blank Canvas' feat. Martha Phillips

re:tract releases stirring minimal electronic single, ‘Blank Canvas’ feat. Martha Phillips.

re:tract’s new single combines elements of downtempo, chillwave and trip-hop to deliver a beautifully textured track that really taps into its listener’s consciousness both sonically and thematically. What’s noteworthy about this single is that re:tract says he focused on recording a lot of the instrumentation live rather than use samples. This can be noticed in the gorgeous strings that feature in the last minute of the song, courtesy of a layered cello arrangement which adds another dimension of emotion to the track.

re:tract has teamed up with Martha Phillips of Elephant Trees for ‘Blank Canvas’ who lends her affecting vocal to the song, adding a soulful melancholy to the piece and cathartically accentuating the searching, desolate, and rawer tones to the song. However, ‘Blank Canvas’ is executed in such a way where the song remains chilled out and relaxed as it takes a thought-provoking look into scattered minds, while simultaneously exploring the pensive depths of human emotion.

Words of Karla Harris