Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes. - 'Anxiety'


Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have always had a special connection to their fans and their song “Anxiety” will only make that bond stronger.

“Anxiety” kicks off with a beautifully slow melodic beat and then we are introduced to Frank Carter vocals on the track and they steal the show throughout. Frank’s outpouring of emotion and passion for helping people who struggle with mental health issues, including his own struggles are plain to see on “Anxiety”. Listening to this song intensely will leave your heartstrings pulled and tears in your eyes as you start to realize this song is all about helping others whilst simultaneously laying out Frank’s own struggles for the world to see. In today’s modern society it is so easy for people who are famous and have ‘celebrity’ status to seem invincible but people like The Rattlesnakes that open up about the problems that we all face in life are of immense help to people who do struggle because if they see one someone they look up to, whether it be The Rattlesnakes or somebody else it makes opening up so much easier.

“Anxiety” continues to pick up speed throughout the verses and builds up to a strong and powerful chorus in classic Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes fashion. After listening to the song only a couple of times, I already found myself chanting along as if the band were speaking to me personally. Through this song, The Rattlesnakes show themselves at their weakest point but also at their strongest. The band are at their best when they are playing a song with such an important message behind them and “Anxiety” is a prime example of that.

This is the most important Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes song to date with the message it sends. As Frank has said before “there is strength in vulnerability” and through showing his vulnerability in “Anxiety” he is providing strength to others at times when they need it most. Life can be cruel and can be tough and your mental health is the foundation for everything in your world and when your foundations are weak the slightest dilemma can send them crumbling down. When you are crumbling, I implore to listen to this song, scream it at the top of your lungs and help to create a better place for you and me. Don’t let misery be the winner because the world is a better place with everyone in it and your place in this world will be noticed and sorely missed. If you are struggling, talk to someone. Talk to anybody who will listen as it may just save your life.

Words by Alfie Drake

Samaritans Phone Number On Any Phone - 116 123

Friday, March 29 - Simm City, Vienna - Austria
Saturday, March 30 - Akvarium Klub, Budapest - Hungary
Monday, April 1 - Hydrozagadka, Warsaw - Poland
Wednesday, April 3 - Lucerna Bar, Prague - Czech Republic
Thursday, April 4 - Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover - Germany
Friday, April 5 - Matrix Club, Bochum - Germany
Saturday, April 6 - Faster & Louder Festival– Eindhoven, Netherlands
Wednesday, April 10 – Entertainment Centre, Brisbane – Australia (w/ Bring Me The Horizon)
Friday, April 12 – Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney – Australia (w/ Bring Me The Horizon)
Saturday, April 13 – Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne – Australia (w/ Bring Me The Horizon)
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Sunday, June 30 – Tuska Metal Festival, Helsinki – Finland
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Friday, 9 August – Fete Du Bruit Festival, Landernau – France
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