Heron - 'Splashdown'

Heron return with an elegant drop of Post Rock on new single, ‘Splashdown’ taken from their forthcoming sophomore album.

Pennsylvanian four-piece Heron had the ‘high accolade’ of becoming WTHBlows’ post-rock poster boys in 2017 with their excellent ‘You Are Here Now’ album (reviewed track ‘Shores’ now has a damn-impressive almost five million Spotify listens!*). Gearing up for their second album release, new single ‘Splashdown’ gives an intriguing nod as to what lies ahead (spoiler: epically massive brilliance).  

Like all great post-rock, ‘Splashdown’ is essentially an exercise in crescendo, building from a beautifully simple main riff. Woozily engulfing the listener, Heron’s masterful art of restraint is once again on show as their layered sound slowly takes effect over the course of seven lovely minutes. Almost as if time itself stands still, the listener feels like not a lot is happening, until all of a sudden you realise four minutes have passed and you’re now totally locked into their dream-like groove. And then you realise everything is happening, subtle atmospherics and distorted guitar you didn’t even appreciate adding to the building wall of noise, instruments operating in perfect union to trigger the senses like some kind of instrumental tsunami. 

‘Splashdown’ is an undeniably resplendent and surprisingly forceful return from Heron, nicely adding to the anticipation for their sophomore offering. Welcome back chaps.

*Being realistic, we take no credit for this. 

Words of @DS_Convertible