Austen - 'Anthem'

 Austen returns with her signature blend of beautiful, brooding electro pop on new single, ‘Anthem’.

Combining brooding and moody production with airy and light textures, ‘Anthem’ is an evocative slice of effortlessly likeable electro pop. There’s a dreamy, out of this world atmosphere to the song as the production explores intergalactic synth textures that makes the song feel like it exists in its own cosmos. Or at least, the love depicted in the narrative is connected by its own unique, messed up frequency that is hard to escape from.

Austen’s smooth vocal is completely compelling and the vocal melody is blissfully hooky. While being aesthetically pleasing and thrilling, the whole song is also awash with real, raw emotion as Austen pleads, “don’t leave me stranded in this ocean too deep to swim, we fucked up and this is our anthem“. Explaining the ideas behind the track Austen says, “Anthem is about how a relationship is mainly just finding someone who’s messed up parts fit well with your own. Like ‘why fight it?”’ Humans are all so weird and we have to embrace it”.

There’s a lot to be said about an artist who can release brooding songs tinged with darkness which feel liberating instead of depressing. And that’s exactly what Austen is doing, one authentic release at a time. I smile every time Austen starts to sing.

Words of Karla Harris