Broughton - 'R.I.P Joyce'

Broughton shares a powerful tribute to his nan on new Conscious Hip-Hop single, ‘R.I.P Joyce’.

Broughton turns pain into passion and productivity on new single, ‘R.I.P Joyce’, offering his listener incredibly intimate insight into his heart and mind. Broughton’s vocal flow is urgent, determined and the tone of the piece is grave and emotive, seeing his listener gripped by the depth, insight and honesty in his lyrical delivery.

Broughton’s kept the production simple yet affective. It’s sombre and subtly dramatic, shuddering with dark, touching, melodic textures. ‘R.IP Joyce’ is an outpouring of authentic grief, mourning the loss of Broughton’s nan who passed away from cancer. Broughton also questions his faith in a higher power and struggles with the cycle of death in general, “it’s unfair that we live to die, leaving our love ones behind, there’s no restart button, no rewind”.
This is profound and immeasurably thoughtfully crafted conscious Hip Hop, from an artist who has a real prowess for creating potent lyrics and delivering them with a sincerity and intensity seeing the message truly hit home.

Words of Karla Harris