Ahren - 'Homecoming'

Zurich based composer Ahren shares a thrilling cut of emotionally-charged neoclassical music on new single, ‘Homecoming’.

For me and may other fans of classical and orchestral music, the connection to a certain composition is instinctive and intuitive and the pull towards a certain arrangement or instrument is very emotionally led. Ahren's new single ‘Homecoming’ is an astoundingly beautiful piece of music that feels like a gut punch of emotion straight to the stomach.

From its sparse , dark opening that actually reminded me of the slightly unnerving quality that the Halloween theme tune exhibits, to the emotive string sections, this is mood music that initially taps into sorrow. But then it becomes breathtakingly liberating as the track fleshes out to include gorgeous, swelling, sweeping textures, before fading out on a concise, minimal piano arrangement.

My favourite thing about vocal free classical music is that it says so much and resonates so deeply, without saying a word. I don’t know what inspired Ahren to compose this piece of music. I don’t know what ‘Homecoming’ means to him and a part of me doesn’t want to for fear of ruining the mystery. I can tell you what it means to me though; longing, love, loss, hope, elation, fear, joy, despair, darkness. It seems to capture a lot of intrinsic human emotions and that is where it’s power lies. It’s a piece of music that made me step away from myself to reflect and then want to come back home. My only criticism of the track is that I could have listened to it for 3 more minutes and I hate when it ends. But that’s what the repeat button is for…

Words of Karla Harris