GLOO – ‘Drama Queen’


Now I wanna sniff some GLOO/All the kids wanna sniff some GLOO.

‘Drama Queen’ is the latest single from the Littlehampton trio GLOO ahead of their forthcoming EP Stand and Stare. GLOO don’t mess around, the song is about, you guessed it, a drama queen, one we all know too well. Nothing ground-breaking, but it’s fun and relatable. What is ear catching here is that GLOO may have made pop punk cool again. The crunchy power chords that move chromatically at some points, combined with the shouty lead and backing vocals is a nod towards The Subways. Hopefully, GLOO won’t disappear too soon. But these guys can play in a powerful and direct way. Listen to the cool lead lick in the chorus and the guitar solo. It’s not flashy, it’s minimalist and (kind of) melodic, the same way Kurt Cobain deconstructed the guitar solo on ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

‘Drama Queen’ is a catchy pop influenced punk tinged rock n’ roll anthem – perfect for parties and a positive mindset if you’re down in the dumps. Check it out.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst