TOLEDO - 'Some Samurai'

Indie pop group TOLEDO have released their enigmatic new single ‘Some Samurai’ which contains real strokes of genius. 

Brooklyn based TOLEDO have released their debut EP ‘Hot Stuff’ which features new single ’Some Samurai’ a fun and full bodied tune that is based around wanting to better yourself for another person whilst at the same time embracing your inner psycho. The EP is really imaginative with  80’s synth bursts, heavy bass lines and easy going pop rhythms all flowing through the tracks. ’Some Samurai’ is an excellent example of all these beautiful sounds being brought together in one song. 

The easy paced yet sprightly beats of the song are executed really well with the washed out vocal harmonies meaning everything falls nicely into place. The song also echoes nostalgia of great pop bands like The Beach Boys with similar structures to the songs but TOLEDO add modern sounds which makes them sound cool and relevant. ‘Some Samurai’ stands out on the EP as the most complete song as Toledo bring all their unique traits together on this song creating a marvellous indie pop song.  With a great new single and EP to match, TOLEDO have really  struck gold dust with these latest releases.

Words of Shaun Mulhern