The Shakes - 'Somebody'

The Shakes deliver an infectious indie rock groove on their single, ‘Somebody’.

The Shakes ‘Somebody’ is one of those indie rock songs with a hugely catchy hook that is effortlessly enjoyable from the first listen. This is a tune with tight arrangements, seeing gorgeous guitars weave through playful drums as frontman Sean Perry charismatically delves into a complicated and toxic post-break up dynamic, “you hate to see me with somebody new'“. Sonically, there’s a lot of familiarity to ‘Somebody’ but the track is executed with a huge amount of charm and warmth.

The Shakes do mix up the dynamics and tone of the track around the 2:20 mark as they move into an ambient instrumental which gives the song its own individual flare, shows off the band’s broader influences, and sets the track apart from the mainstream contemporaries you might have been envisioning. Balmy, laid-back indie rock to get you in the mood for summer.

Words of Karla Harris