Baker Grace - 'Handcuffs'

Baker Grace chooses kindness and unity over violence and hatred on new single, ‘Handcuffs’, taken from her upcoming EP, ‘Girl, I Know’.

‘Handcuffs’ begins as a gentle piano ballad, seeing ‘Baker Grace’s sweet vocal lull her listener into her emotive storytelling, opening with the thought-provoking lyrics, “Take me back to that happy time when gunshots seemed like fireworks to me… take me back to that happy place when race was just a playground game to me”. Theres’s a huge tenderness to the track that remains even when the track gets a little bit more edgy with the addition of electronic beats that give a downtempo hip hop vibe to the song.

On the track, Baker Grace explains, “‘Handcuffs’ is about a loss of innocence. Realising that I’m not sheltered from the dangerous parts of humanity, I felt helpless and unsafe at a time where random violence acts were blasted on screens and seemed to take place everywhere. I wrote a song that says maybe I can’t stop it from happening but I will not be a part of it, I will put my hands up, spread kindness, and always choose love hoping others will do the same”.

Following in the footsteps of the heartfelt ‘Wrong Kind of People’
, and exuberant single, ‘Numb’, Handcuffs’ is taken from Baker Grace’s upcoming concept EP, ‘Girl, I Know’ made up of five songs corresponding with the five days of the working week. Each track takes on a different mindset and mood but aims to spread the messages of self-reliance and feeling connected to each other through our individual ability to make choices for ourselves. If these three releases so far are anything to go by, ‘Girl, I Know’ will be an incredibly thoughtful and animated EP with a huge heart, that while lyrically mature; doesn’t lose its youthfulness or vibrance in its flavoursome production.

Words of Karla Harris