Laura Elizabeth Hughes - 'In My Defence'

Dublin songwriter Laura Elizabeth Hughes impresses with energetic new single, ‘In My Defence’.

’In My Defence’ marks Laura Elizabeth Hughes first release of the year and channels this whole fierce Alanis Morissette ethos in its bold yet playful execution and imaginative lyrical imagery, injecting every day themes, feelings and situations with a little bit more magic. Sonically, ‘In My Defence’ channels light and upbeat textures with darker undertones that can be noticed in Laura’s previous material.

However, ’In My Defence’ steps away from the intimacy and vulnerability of her last EP ‘Ceremony’, showing off fuller production and more alternative grit. This song is urgent and immediate, but has a really fun, dramatic bounce to it as it moves at an exhilarating tempo and explores unexpected yet pleasing dynamics in the later half of the song. A thrilling and charming change of direction from Laura Elizabeth Hughes.

Words of Karla Harris