Bright Orange Spectacle - ' She Could Get Better'


The newly formed Bright Orange Spectacle has shown the world what they can expect going forward with the release of their debut single ‘She Could Get Better’.

This project originally began with frontman and songwriter Charlie Sinclair, working with producer Ed Sinclair and a collection of musicians from both London and Brighton. As time went by, their sound developed as well as Bright Orange Spectacle as we see it now.

Now a five-piece, Bright Orange Spectacle are creative and free flowing in terms of their sound with undertones of Bowie and RnB, but what ‘She Could Get Better’ does best is being a full blown pop record.

Knowing how it took for the whole arrangement of ‘She Could Get Better’ to come together, the end result is something truly original and beautiful and is great start to what we will expect to be an exciting and hopefully long career.

‘She Could Get Better’ is available now on all major streaming platforms and Bright Orange Spectacle will play at The Prince Albert in Brighton on April 28th.

Words by Danial Kennedy