Ed Patrick - 'Blow My Cover'

London-based singer-songwriter Ed Patrick tries to hide his romantic feelings in intimate new single, ‘Blow My Cover’.

I’m a big fan of stripped songs that keep things simple yet are still packaged with loads of emotion and that’s what Ed Patrick delivers on his self produced new single, ‘Blow My Cover. Gentle finger picking and melodic piano notes guide Ed’s gorgeous folk vocal through the song in a way that intimately seeps warmth and sincerity. ‘Blow My Cover’ is an uncluttered and affecting single that choses pure and serene textures to accompany the confessional lyrics, getting more atmospheric and tender as the song develops.

Thematically ‘Blow My Cover’ explores the concept of falling for someone, “even though I said I’m not looking for a lover” and wondering how long they can conceal those feelings, “one of these days you’re gonna blow my cover”. It’s a beautifully honest cut that thoughtfully depicts the way we sometimes try and hold back from the things we really want.

Words of Karla Harris