Deliluh - 'Rabbit'


There’s something to be said about music as an expressive art form. If you tend to lean towards the creative side of life – the more you feel, the more you ache to create something as means of getting your observations of the world, out of your head. 

Toronto’s experimental art-rock Deliluh tap into an analogue world of dreariness and corruption in their latest single ‘Rabbit’. Lead vocalist Kyle Knapp’s voice feels like an intermittent monotone radio transmission, outlining the search for truth – “white rabbit in the ghetto and we’re hot on the trail.” There is a harmonic discord between the paranoia-inducing guitar and melancholic bass line which feels like the apocalyptic bastard child of Sonic Youth and The Velvet Underground. With an air of distinct restraint, it feels as though the hunter is wound in a tight leash, thirsty for blood, occasionally loosening up as it progresses. In the outro you get an idea that the rabbit has been found and snuffed out, with a searing wall of noise. Speaking of ‘Rabbit’, Knapp says: “'Rabbit' is about surveying our surroundings and recognizing the corruption intrinsic in our everyday environment. It speaks from the perspective of anyone seeking truths that are often exposed as cold and hard once distinguished. The rabbit is a symbol that guides us towards solutions and deeper understanding, but not without uncovering the devil in the details." 

The exploration of paranoia and anxiety will be continued on their upcoming album, ‘Oath of Intent’, which will be released on 3 May via Tin Angel and Telephone Explosion. 

Words by Tyler Damara Kelly