EP Review: GLOO - 'Stop And Stare EP'


GLOO pack a pop-fuelled punky punch in their latest EP Stop and Stare.

Stand and Stare is the new self-released EP from GLOO that is relentless from start to finish. It is noisy, feedback is plentiful and the vocals raspy. But it’s melodic and catchy – not hard on the ears for any listener. On first listen, it is slightly akin to Johnny Panic (if anyone remembers them) in the combination of thrashing guitars and pop melodies.  You can hear this in the opening pop punk-come-hard rock track ‘Stop and Stare’. ‘Great Idea’ is Nirvana-esque, particularly in the intro, and gets heavier and intends to knock you out. it could be on Nevermind. Closer ‘I’m a Mess’ is also a fantastic guitar pop song, and sounds like a modern update on Ramones, especially in the repetition of the lyrics and pure pop catchiness. However, ‘Standerby’ is a personal favourite with it’s heavy punk rock riff and classic rock n’ roll guitar solo – you can’t standby with this song. In fact, it will be hard for GLOO and Stand and Stare to slip under anyone’s musical radar.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst