Animal Feelings - 'Friends And Lovers'

New York-based artist Animal Feelings shares a bittersweet slice of ambient pop on new single, ‘Friends and Lovers’.

Animal Feelings is the project of Oli Change who draws influences from minimalist composers such as Phillip Glass and Steve Reich. With that in mind, ‘Friends and Lovers’ makes us of beautiful contemporary piano chords which flow through the bones of the track, and Animal Feelings gently layers this with subtle ambient tones, providing the song with a relaxed and stylish atmosphere, although there is a slight chill to the song that evokes sadness.

Ariella Golda Sosis lends her smooth vocal on ‘Friends and Lovers’, providing a blissful yet melancholic atmosphere to the song. Ariella’s vocal is the perfect vessel to deliver the heartbreaking and reflective lyrics, “you’re saying all the same things over and again, we can’t be lovers but we’ll never be friends”. This lose-lose situation in the lyrical theme resonates with anyone who can’t imagine having to, or has had no choice but to, walk away from someone they care about. A richly emotive listen that touches upon a variety of feelings.

Words of Karla Harris