The Blue Winter - 'Alive'

Ohio artist The Blue Winter celebrates his one track a month project with a beautiful trove of indie folk releases on his Spotify, including the emotionally charged single, ‘Alive’.

In September of last year The Blue Winter started an ambitious project to release one song a month, but as a veteran of the Ohio music scene he is more than cut out for the job! We’re throwing it back to ‘Alive’, the first song to be released under this project, which is our favourite of the all the tunes to be released so far. Its soaring vocal melody and lyrical content is sincere and emotive supported by melodic affecting instrumentation. ‘Alive’ also features touching layered vocal harmonies that really pull at the heart strings.

Since then, The Blue Winter has released five more songs, including a gorgeous cover of Stevie Nicks’ ‘Landslide’ which can all be listened to on Spotify. Newest release, ‘Mountain’ features upbeat guitar strums, natural imagery and an atmospheric vocal melody that feels really freeing and organic. Keep up to date with each new release by following The Blue Winter on Spotify, here.

Words of Karla Harris