CIVILIANA - 'Carry A Light'

CIVILIANA try to deal with romantic withdrawals and bitter disappointments on intoxicating alternative rock single, ‘Carry A Light’.

‘Carry A Light’ had me hooked from the second I pressed play and initially reminded me of all the things I love about 90’s/00’s hard rock bands with special attention to Audioslave. ‘Carry A Light’ opens with relaxed drumming alongside creeping guitars and bewitching electronic textures, providing a grungy and dark atmosphere to the song which is really thrilling.

Lead singer Calen’s potent vocal kicks in seductively at the 20 second mark with the intriguing lyrics, “I got a ball and chain inside these hollowed veins, am I something else or just the same?”. The lyrical theme unravels to assess the residual feelings left behind after a rocky romantic situation where the resounding mantra on the chorus, “you left me waiting all alone, don’t tell me nothing’s ever wrong” reeks of disappointment.

On the track the band explains, “‘Carry a Light’ is about the mental burden that is left after a separation. The eagerness to move on is stunted by memories and romantic withdrawals left behind from past lovers”.  A deliciously dark and twisted tune that is unrelenting in its attractiveness.

Words of Karla Harris