EP Review: MAUVE - 'Pulled Apart'

Scottish fronted, English-based three-piece MAUVE show off a dynamic blend of alternative rock influences on their debut EP, ‘Pulled Apart’.

Opening energetically with the EP title track MAUVE deliver a hard-hitting, uptempo, fierce, fuzzy rock sound while retaining pop sensibility in its upbeat melodies. Lead singer, Steve’s Scottish inflection charmingly shines through as he delivers an impassioned and fiery performance and this fire and intensity spills over into stomping EP track ‘128’.

‘Familiar’ has so much to love about it. This song retains the band’s energy but shifts focus onto a more unhurried vocal melody, showing off sonic stamina, experimenting with dynamics and effortless singalong sensibility. There’s familiarity to the vocal melody but this accessibility is comforting as opposed to contrived.

As a fan of more downtempo brooding tracks, ‘Falter’ stands out as something special for me. It’s a song very concerned with atmospherics and slow burning dramatic aesthetics. Despite its sturdy percussive driving rhythm, the song rolls with a lightness that makes me feel really relaxed and offers room for contemplation. ‘Initiate’ is equally as pleasing and arguably the most ambient leaning song on the EP. Predominantly driven by textured guitars, this is another song that has a gorgeous singalong sensibility.

The EP wraps up with ‘Out to Sea (Acoustic Demo)’ really showing off the band’s thoughtful lyricism that is prevalent throughout the EP. A really beautiful and heartfelt ending to an EP that has something to offer for every kind of accessible alternative rock lover; whether you’re into brooding, emotionally charged songs like me, or high energy indie rock , or both!

MAUVE recorded their debut EP ‘Pulled Apart’ at Valhalla Studios with award-winning producer Dan Lambert. Be sure to keep an eye out for their debut UK tour later this year.

Words of Karla Harris