HÖST - 'It's Been A Year'

New duo HÖST make their debut with expansive and intimate indie electronic tune, ‘It’s Been A Year’.

‘It’s Been A Year’ opens awash with ambient, ethereal leaning synth, but the start of the song is very concerned with narrative, seeing Jack Riddal’s sincere storytelling captivate its listener. While delivering strong and emotive lyrics is important to HÖST so is the productin courtesy of Natty Reeves and the duo are balanced in delivering expansive vocal-free arrangements in between the storytelling.

Thematically, the the band explains, “‘It’s Been A Year’ recounts the breakdown of a relationship, an attempt to understand the events that led to it and the feelings that remain after. It explores the idea of something living on for some time within the mind, despite it having already ended in the perceptible world”. 

’It’s Been A Year’ is a densely textured song which is affecting all round. It’s ethereal in all the right places as HÖST are plagued with the ghosts of their past, yet still feels anchored and grounded. While the track has an expansiveness about it as vast as the ocean, it’s also a really intimate offering that skitters with cinematic textures, becoming more thrilling as it progresses. A very considered first offering from an intriguing new duo.

Words of Karla Harris