Hatter - 'So Much So Many'


Brighton rapper/producer Hatter releases hypnotic new conscious hip hop single, ‘So Many So Much’ (produced by Saffa Ghorishi).

Hatter and Saffa Ghorishi deliver an eerie and mesmerising dose of hip hop on new single ‘So Many So Much’. Cold flute sounds provide the track with a surreal atmosphere as the song makes use of jittering bass. Meanwhile Hatter’s vocal flow is charismatic and compelling, seeing him deliver his clever lyrics smoothly

Hatter’s controlled lyrical delivery is at the heart of the song and the tune moves at a relatively relaxed pace, seeing the chorus take on a more laconic yet catchy form. If anything, ‘So Many So Much’ is under produced but the song has a sweltering charm to it as Hatter and Saffa Ghorishi keep things low key and grounded, offering a mature and inspired cut of hip hop that leaves its listener wanting more.

Words of Karla Harris