Brad Byrd - 'American Life' ft. Kay Hanley

Brad Byrd shows off a wistful cut of indie rock and alt country on new single, ‘American Life’ feat Kay Hanley.

Led by Brad Byrd’s brooding vocal and joined by Kay Hanley’s dulcet tones on the vocal harmonies, ‘American Life’ is a slow-burning slice of indie rock that makes use of beautifully textured and atmospheric guitar tones and relaxed percussion. The first half of the song sees Byrd’s honest storytelling poignantly at the forefront of the son as Byrd laments, “Some days I get left way behind… some days I get tired”, but the track isn’t all melancholy.

The second half of the song sees a bold switch of dynamics as the track embraces uplifting, euphoric textures and a dreamy vocal melody to support the vulnerable resounding mantra in the lyrics, “hold on to me”, before kicking the tempo back down to a spacious indie rock and rootsy, americana-infused instrumental that sees the track out.

’American Life’ is taken from Brad Byrd’s sophisticated new 10-track album , ’Phases’ which is out now and thematically explores the human condition from various perspectives, alongside a soundtrack of contemporary and classic rock, alt-country and folk influences.

Words of Karla Harris