Lina Kay - 'Shallow Water'

Lina Kay follows up her impressive debut, ‘Best Face’ with dreamy new offering, ‘Shallow Water’.

While keeping with the melancholic theme of her raw debut single, ‘Shallow Water’ shows off a dreamy, sophisticated side to Lina Kay’s influences, originally presenting itself as an intimate piano ballad with a catchy pop hook. Lina’s vocal is compelling and intimate as it atmospherically weaves in and out of lush ambient textures, but the mood is downtempo and relaxed as the song thematically confronts the themes of betrayal and disappointment from a loved one.

On the track Lina Kay explains, "Writing Shallow Water was a necessary catharsis following a deeply personal betrayal by a dear friend. I vowed to never give that person the opportunity to violate my trust again, and this song is an anthem of my unwavering resolve to move on and never look back".

Another strong track from a self-aware artist who is making multi-mood, multi-textured alt pop, possessing an immense amount of allure.

Words of Karla Harris