Branches - 'Out of My Head'

 Branches  bring a huge hit of swirling, brooding indie pop on dazzling new single, ‘Out of My Head’.

If you like tracks with light and dark dynamics, a haunting lead female vocal and gorgeous male/female vocal harmonies then Branches ‘Out Of My Head’ is the perfect track for you. Opening with light, trickling arrangements, the track soon takes a darker more brooding direction, as the band reflects on tension in an unspecified relationship in the lyrics: “all along you’ve been just as wrong as me, the same old song with the broken melody” amidst a flurry of fuzzy, potent layers of synth and vibrant, skittering guitar textures.

Whether Branches are taking their listener into dark and angsty territory, or light and effervescent, Out of My Head’ is an animated and slick surge of sound with sing-along sensibility that will sit nicely on your moody pop playlists.

Words of Karla Harris