Noah Dane - 'There Goes'

Noah Dane‘s debut single, ‘There Goes’ offers a morbid yet invigorating take on the transience of life.

Opening instantaneously with lyrics, ‘There Goes’ manifests as quickly as a broken and unexpected thought that creeps into the mind and demands to be heard. With no proper intro, Dane quickly entangles his listener into his melancholic and dreamy soundscape seeing reality become a surreal bad dream as Dane reflects on the heaviness and helplessness of watching a loved one endure great pain or sickness.

While the production is at times frenzied, frazzled, and conflicted, ‘There Goes’ is meticulously crafted where every note operates with evocative precision. This is a track that reveals more layers to its epic production upon each listen, without distracting from the gravity and emotion of Dane’s vocal delivery and lyrical theme. A startling debut that sticks with you after the song has stopped playing.

Words of Karla Harris