Mackenzie Shrieve - 'Androgyny'

New York based singer-songwriter Mackenzie Shrieve shares a heartfelt cut of alternative pop on ‘Androgyny’ as she explores the themes of sexuality and gender dysphoria.

Featuring pulsating electronics beats, and emotive orchestral textures, ‘Androgyny’ is an exciting and emotionally rich cut that is led by Mackenzie Shrieve’s beautiful folk-infused vocal. This is an intimate cut where Shrieve documents her own struggles with gender dysphoria and figuring out her sexuality. As progressive as Western society feels it is, we are still largely taught conventional values and conditioned to adhere to social constructs of gender and identity from childhood, that can be really crippling for people who do not identify with what they are told is the norm.

While this is a personal song for Shrieve, it’s also relatable for anyone who has struggled with their identity in any way. Sure, it’s deep but Shrieve has thoughtfully considered the sonic influences here, its sombre, emotional, yet uplifting and reassuring. Also, there’s this underlying Tears For Fears ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ vibe going on here, so Shrieve channels this really cool, fresh take on 80s influences. An inspirational anthem where the vulnerability is incredibly emotional and empowering.

’Androgyny’ is taken from Mackenzie Shrieve’s debut EP ‘Running In My Bed’ which is a lovely collection of multi-mood songs that deserves to be listened to in full, and a lot!

Words of Karla Harris