HAVVK – ‘Shifting Shape’


HAVVK want to liberate you from all societal pressures in ‘Shifting Shapes’.

Beginning with a gnarly octave guitar riff reminiscent of ‘Blue Orchid’, HAVVK launch into their electrifying new single ‘Shifting Shape’. There is no room for dawdling here, HAWWK get straight to the point – it’s punchy, no bullshit. Julie Hawk’s vocals are raw, shrill and exciting in the verse, comparable to Jack White’s screeching like a man possessed. As we get to the chorus, however, HAVVK take a different turn. They bring it back with soft and high vocals, almost angelic, moving in favour of delicate alternative than brutish punk. An ingenious use of Pixies/Nirvana quiet/loud dynamic.

Musically, these two dynamics bring home the lyrical subject of the societal pressures to fit in. To paraphrase Julie Hawk: “Men should be able to be vulnerable and women should be to wear whatever they want.” You get the “fuck you, I want to do whatever I want” attitude of the verse, but the reality of how hard it is to do so in the poignancy of the chorus.

Not only is ‘Shifting Shape’ just a great song to listen to, it’s clever. HAVVKS can write songs that can get you rocking out but play and write with meaning. If you thrive off IDLES messages in great punk music on JAAAOR, you’ll fall in love with HAVVKS new single.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst