Tusks - 'Be Mine'


Tusks’ ‘Be Mine’ is an explosive, eccentric and elegant tune. It combines Emily Underhill’s beautiful voice with an at-times sinister, at-times calming backing track resting on a pounding drum beat, and if this is what we should come to expect, her new album “Avalanche” should be something stunning.

Having just come off of tour supporting Bear’s Den, including two mesmerising sets at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire, Tusks shows no sign of slowing down. The latest in a string of brutally powerful singles to be released leading up to her second album, ‘Be Mine’ is something else. Unlike the other two singles, slowly and seductively sucking you in, ‘Be Mine’ is a lot more blunt. The chorus, particularly, is a thumping affair, consisting of cataclysmic drum beats that reverberate around your ears and shake your very soul, under Tusks’ silky crooning.

The sound, then, perfectly embodies the message of the track. “It comes from being in that initial stage of a relationship”, she explains, “when you're not sure what the other person is feeling and you're excited but also nervous and I guess feeling a bit vulnerable all in one.” The eloquently named, ‘Be Mine’, then, checks all of these and more. It’s vulnerable, owing to Emily’s incredible vocals; it’s nervy, tense, and slightly unsettling: check. And exciting? Incredibly so. All of this, in barely two minutes of a track. It’s fast paced, ferocious and brilliant. 

Set your alarms. “Avalanche” is out June 14th and spells big things in Tusks’ future, and they’re not to be missed!

Words by James O’Sullivan