Lady Bird - 'Love'

Lady Bird.jpg

Lady Bird encourage positivity in their latest single ‘Love’.

‘Love’ is Lady Bird’s most pop track to date. The melodies, chord choices and the rhythm-focused single note riff makes it bouncy and sing-along. It’s a very positive song about bettering yourself and encouraging open-mindedness. But don’t worry, Lady Bird aren’t going soft or selling out; they retain a punk attitude in the lyrics: “Do yourself a favour and get rid of that prick”.

What’s cool about ‘Love’ is that it sounds like The Streets with guitars, with the cockney-rap delivery of the vocals. Not only this, but Lady Bird have distanced themselves from being compared to their mates Slaves. Whilst Slaves may write similar songs and lyrics, ‘Love’ is a Lady Bird song through and through.

Words of Matthew Brocklehurst