Lizzy Land - 'Call Me'

Lizzy Land’s new single ‘Call Me’ is a reassuring ode to unwavering friendship.

’Call Me’ marks the second single to be taken from Lizzy Land’s upcoming EP and is a lush indie pop song with a soothing sentiment. ‘Call Me’ channels an ethos that reminded me of The Japanese House with its use of nostalgia, effortlessly likeable yet slightly washed out/ manipulated vocal, heartfelt storytelling, lush textures and soaring, heartwarming hooks.

On the ideas behind the track Lizzy Land explains, ‘Call Me’ was written as a “tribute to a friend you hope will always call on you if they need you, no matter how far away life takes them”. This is tenderly crafted, dreamy pop that touches on the affection and loyalty found in friendships that we hope will last a lifetime.

Words of Karla Harris

Lizzy Land's ‘intro music plays’ EP drops June 14th and ‘Call Me’ is out now.