On Video – ‘Past Tense’


Bratty rock n’ roll is making a comeback.

Following the success of their thrilling last single ‘Ghee’, On Video have returned with ‘Past Tense’ ahead of their forthcoming EP. Like ‘Ghee’, On Video have gone for FIDLAR-esque bratty surf punk sound that they’re known for again. ‘Past Tense’ begins with a single note riff, that could be mistaken for The Strokes at first, and there’s also a fantastic guitar solo that erupts like a volcano. On Video are what The Vaccines were when they first came out, but with more of an emphasis on guitar shreddery.

‘Past Tense’ is the perfect follow-up to ‘Ghee’. It’s a bit more serious and intense, but On Video don’t lose their sense of fun for old-school rock n’ roll. It’s chaotic pop at its finest.

Words by Matthew Brocklehurst